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Ewy Baroness von Korff-Rosqvist

Ewy Rosqvist competed for Mercedes-Benz and achieved great success in international rallies and road races.

The former rally driver, is today a classic brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz.

Ewy Rosqvist and Ursula Wirth

took top honours in the 1962 Touring Car Grand Prix of Argentina.

Triumph for the Mercedes-Benz 220 SE in Argentina

In 1962, for the first time, a single vehicle won all six stages of the Grand Prix in succession, and in doing so the two Swedish women also set a new record.

The 220 SE with starting number 711

The vehicle with which Rosqvist and Wirth won the race was a virtually a near production standard vehicle from the W 111 model series.

Daimer-Benz celebrates victory in Stuttgart

From left to right: Baroness Ewy von Korff-Rosqvist, Director General Walter Hitzinger, Ursula Wirth and Head of Racing Karl Kling.

About this website

  • Portrait of Ewy Baroness von Korff-Rosqvist

    Mercedes-Benz enthusiast Mats Brunberg in cooperation with Ewy Baroness von Korff-Rosqvist portraying her carreer, as a successful female driver. Both in documentary movie and on this website.


  • Farmer´s daughter

    Born in 1929, Ystad, Sweden, Ewy Rosqvist was the daughter of a farmer. Working as a veterinary assistant, she gained a great deal of experience driving on long, poorly built roads. In 1960 she raced the Viking Rallye, in a Volvo PV 544, with Anita Rosqvist as co-driver.


  • One of Mercedes-Benz few official female racing drivers

    In 1954, she experienced her first rally. “It was so much fun that I decided to take part in a rally myself, either behind the wheel or in the frontpassenger seat, as soon as possible”. In the Argentine Road Grand Prix she was at the top of her career.

Success grew

  • Ewy began competing with Volvo in 1958

    When Ewy transferred to Volvo in 1958, the successes grew. Initially Ewy was unable to support herself solely from racing. She continued to work as a veterinary assistant. However, with success came prize money which compensated for lost salary on competition days.

Saab years


  • Saabs winning team

    First success at the races came when Ewy began driving for Saab in 1957.

    With the model 93, Ewy took first place in Rally Viking (Norway) with her sister-in-law, Anita Rosqvist-Borg as co-driver.

So fun


  • The success in the beginning spurred me more

    At the beginning Ewy competed with her private cars. Fiat, Volkswagen and MG. In 1956, she came in 5th place with her MG Magnette in Mobilgas Economy Race. Ewy writes "Sometimes it went well and I could place myself decently, sometimes it went quite wrong "


  • Ride through Hell

    Ewy Rosqvist wrote a book about the Argentina competition 1962 and 63. “Fahrt durch die Hölle”. Swe: "Fart från början till slut". (Munich: Copress-Verlag 1963). A rarity, hard to get hold of, but very readable.

Brand ambassador

  • Participation in motorsports since 1954

    Ewy is closely connected with Mercedes-Benz Classic, as an ambassador for motor sport and is a popular guest at Mercedes-Benz Classic events.


  • The journalists' favourite

    Ewy Rosqvist was the newspapers' favourite during racing years, as the successful woman she was. Even in recent years, Ewy gives interviews about motorsport and takes part in radio and television programmes.

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Actress Sofia Brattvall embodies 1962´s Ewy Rosqvist

- With interviews of people in Argentina who remember and met Ewy and Ursula, not as talking-heads, but with their voices and images from their youth, we too will keep the feeling of it all coming to life.

- I want the viewer to be there, in 1962, although at the same time give them the opportunity to reflect upon lite itself, the time that is lost, how to preserve a memory, and to be amazed about the power of the story, says Director Milla Bergh.

Source to image:
From recording "My racing Heart" in Argentina 2020 at Fangios Race Track in Balcarce.

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