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Ewy in movies

Ewy in her Mercedes-Benz 220 SE.
Ursula Wirth and Ewy Rosqvist wins Argentina's Gran Premio 1962 for standard cars in the fierce competition, as the only female participants.

At the same time, there is near that the third world war breaks out, when Cuba crisis brought the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union against each other. And Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed.
A memorable year.
Source to image:
SVT - Året var 1962

Attractive and crowd-pleasing

During Ewy Rosqvist successful career, there are many newsreels from the races. Today, 50 years later, it can be difficult to find and access them.
Years after, when Ewy stopped competing, she participated annually in many events as guest of honor.
Some of these are below.

With the beginning of 2009, I have come to know Ewy and started recording a series of short films about Ewy and her career. Many of them have not yet left the "clipboard", but will be released soon via Youtube.

Buenos Aires November 5th 1963 Ewy writes:

It's the morning after the sixth stage in the Gran Prernio 1963. Our victorious Mercedes Benz equipage was yesterday the subject for magnificent tributes. Ursula and I had a good sleep, but when we woke up, I got some telegrams from Sweden. One of them contains congratulations from my Swedish publisher and with a request:
"Can you, after all the hubbub by air mail send a brief statement for this year's competition to the final chapter? "
Many ceremonies are waiting for us. Newspaper and radio reporters wants to talk to us, broadcasters want to interviews with us. I still want to try to fulfill the wish of my homeland. The limited time makes it just may be a short statement. Also, I have not yet perspective over the events.


Some movies where Ewy participates

Source: Extracts from various productions. Copyright, see note each film. More films and extracts, will be published in the near future.

Goldenes Lenkrad


…is the leading car award in Europe. The award was founded in 1976 by publisher Axel Springer. Since then it has developed into an international acclaimed award. The award is presented together by Germany’s largest Sunday newspaper BILD am SONNTAG and the world’s largest car magazine AUTO BILD, which are published by Axel Springer SE

Since 1983, each year also THE HONORARY STEERING WHEEL is presented for extraordinary achievements in the automobile industry.

Text Source:goldensteeringwheel.com

Mercedes-Benz Historical


A magnificent event with many of the major rally legends in place in Nuerburgring. We meet Juan Manuel Fangio, Eugen Böhringer and Ewy von Korff Rosqvist. Memorable when we see them run the 50s legendary racing cars from Mercedes-Benz.

Jagd auf Heißen Strassen


Ewy raced successfully, the years 1962 to 1964 in Argentina. Daimler Benz AG contracted a production company, Cinecontact AG, to make a documentary about the 1964 race.

"Jagd auf Heissen Straßen," is an invaluable film today.

Experience a journey to yesterday's cars, the crowds,
the dust, salt desert and the steep mountains. In full speed. In a fintal Mercedes. A film location with lots of warmth and charm. Ewy won successfully in 1962.

Racing on Hot Roads

February 29, 2012. The filmteam consist of Mats Brunberg, producer. Jan Lundin, inspirer and technical support Jan Lindberg, Sollentuna Filmclub. We met Ewy in her apartment on Strandvägen in Stockholm to record a movie.

We figured that Ewy, who drove the race at the time, would comment on what she saw on the film, as a supplement to the otherwise somewhat dry German speaker, who few understood what was said.

It's about a real very good road movie: - Jagd auf heißen Strassen. A fantastic well-produced film from the 60's, commissioned by Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz), produced by Cinecontakt AG in Berlin.

But I must say, and all other that have seen the movie: - Our movie with Ewy is much better. But so far: not for sale

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