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Actress Sofia Brattvall embodies 1962´s Ewy Rosqvist

- With interviews of people in Argentina who remember and met Ewy and Ursula, not as talking-heads, but with their voices and images from their youth, we too will keep the feeling of it all coming to life.

- I want the viewer to be there, in 1962, although at the same time give them the opportunity to reflect upon lite itself, the time that is lost, how to preserve a memory, and to be amazed about the power of the story, says Director Milla Bergh.

Source to image:
From recording "My racing Heart" in Argentina 2020 at Fangios Race Track in Balcarce.

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Big events - the 50th anniversary at 2012

On November 4th, we celebrate the precise 50th anniversary of Ewy Rosqvists and Ursula Wirth´s sensationally victory in the Argentine GP in 1962. A high-speed racing on public roads. They won in their Mercedes-Benz 220 SE. With a victory margin of 3 hours, 8 minutes and 25 seconds.

Ewy von Korff Rosqvist will be present. We show a recasted, German original movie recorded 1964 "Jagd auf heißen Strassen," which is commented by Ewy. After the movie, Ewy will answer any questions from the audience

On place, there will be a race equipped Mercedes-Benz 220 SE, like the one she drove in 1962.

Decoration on the bonnet
The big winner's trophy, loaned from the museum in Stuttgart, Ewys helmet, shoes and her race overalls
Nacka Strand, Stockholm
© Mats Brunberg


Film with Ewy at Skoevde Motorveterans

A very nice visit to Skaraborgs Motorveteraner in Skoevde. On a beautiful Saturday evening, 90 people came the to attend and Ewy made an acclaimed performance. Volvo Club, at the Volvo engineplant in Skoede, also participated, where we borrowed premises. Mercedes-Benz in Akalla, Stockholm had loaned a very comfortable and pleasant car to drive - C-Class 220 CDI from 2015.

In addition to the requested movie about Argentina 1964 "Racing on Hot Roads" (original: Jagd auf Haissen Strassen), was the premiere of my new film about Ewys competition years before Mercedes, 1954-62 - "Ewy Rosqvist-European Ladies Rally Champion". It will be on Youtube soon. Translation first.

Picture from left: Mats Brunberg, Jan Lundin and Ewy herself.

Ewy talks about the racing years 1954-62

Ewy became famous as one of Mercedes-Benz's most talented female race car drivers. But what did she do before? During a visit at Ewys home, I interviewed her for a new film project, about the racing years 1954-62. In the film, she talks about the initial years, when she began competing private with Fiat, Volkswagen, Saab and Volvo. The film had its first performance at Skoevde Motorveteraner during the visit on April 11.

"Ewy Rosqvist-European Ladies Rally Champion" will be on Youtube soon.

We also found new and exciting materials in Ewys private archives. Among other things, the nice picture above.

Per Gillbrands Motorshow

Combustion engine's development history. An experience in sound and scent. Per Gillbrands worldwide unique presentation and demonstration of various engines development. A rumbling show offered.

This is the last opportunity to enjoy the demonstration of engine development in our cars, motorcycles and airplanes. A journey through time from the 1700s until today. Some 20 homebuilt and loudly working models, will be presented and run.

Ewy, friend of Per Gillbrand, visited the Motorshow.

Filmshow at Mercedes-Benz Akalla, Stockholm

We were invited to show the film of Ewy Rosqvists racing successes. Mercedes-Benz had big rally successes in Argentina in the sixties. No less than three years in succession, Mercedes took the gain, in what was said to be the world's toughest high-speed racing on public roads. 1962 was the groundbreaking year, when the legendary rallydriver Ewy Rosqvist, won in superior style with Ursula Wirth. Now we have the honor to introduce Ewy Rosqvist, view Mercedes own unique film about the race, commented by Ewy herself in person.

Ewy, Stockholm 2012

February 29, 2012. We visited Ewy to record a movie. Place her apartment on Strandvägen in Stockholm. The film was the beginning of a long collaboration with Ewy. Jan Lundin, my companion in "the Ewy project", had found a 16 mm film in Europe's largest veteran-car market, Veterema in Mannheim.

The movie, originally produced in German, described a contest in Argentina, where Ewy attended, "Argentina Grand Premio 1964". This movie was the cause that this "project" began.

Jan Lundin called me in late 2011. He had heard that I had produced a movie about Ewy and her 80th birthday on Konettgården, just outside Linköping. I lit upon the idea, of course. Filming is next to the interest of Mercedes-Benz (W111), my biggest hobby. We figured that Ewy, who drove the race at the time, would comment on what she saw on the film, as a complement to the otherwise rather dull German speaker, who few outside German would understand.

It's about a real very good road movie: Jagd auf heißen Strassen. A fantastic well-produced film from the 60's, commissioned by Daimler AG, produced by Cinecontact Film GmbH in Berlin.

The film showing has been a big success during the latest years! Most times with Ewy present.



Ewy, Köping 2012

The small city of Köping is an industrial town with proud traditions. The mechanical works, named after the city - Köpings Mekaniska Verkstad (KMV) – were founded in 1856. Already in 1926 they began manufacturing gearboxes for AB Volvo. In an industrial estate, where once the mechanical works that took its name from the city - Köpings Mekaniska Verkstad - were located is today a fascinating automotive and technological Museum.

2012, Ewy visited the museum. The film "Race on hot Roads" (origin Auf heißen Strassen), was shown to 130 people with Ewy present.

Auto Racing Heritage

Auto Racing Heritage (Bilsportarvet) is a project that has been launched by Swedish Automobile Sports Federation to preserve the Swedish motor sport history by creating a motorsport historical archive.
To the project, has been linked a nonprofit working group who managing the collection of bequeathed or donated material to the archive. The material are recorded in a database and depending on the type of material, it will be digitized, copied or archived. To some extent, some material will be published or displayed through the archive's own website www.bilsportarvet.se, or where appropriate, in conjunction with the exhibition, fair or similar.
Motorsport heritage and the historic motor sports store is owned and funded by the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation.

Late celebration Ewy 85 years

Ewy didn´t want officially celebrate her 85th birthday, in the beginning of August. But my companion Jan Lundin and I thought it was time now to show our appreciation. On the walk, a rainy afternoon in late October, we passed Eriks Bakficka in Östermalm, Stockholm. It was a success!

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