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Farmer´s daughter

- Our father taught us to ride

"The Beginning" It's my childhood in the Great Herrestad in Skåne, where I was born and there my parents have a large farm. The farm built in a square as a fortress. On one side is stable and cowshed, perpendicular thereon to the right and left barn, garage and store, opposite the stable building is the dwelling house as consists of two floors and has a projecting roof. The Baltic Sea is located on twenty kilometers away, and the fresh wind howled often on us when we were playing on the farm and in the garden. I was not spoiled by my parents but by my four brothers. We had a happy time together: father, mother, five children, our 50 or 60 cows, horses, the birds and everything that belonged to it. Our father taught us to ride.

- We had a happy time together

- At age seven, I started in the village school, a few years later in neighbouring city secondary school. When the war came, we must leave our horses, but when my father noticed that I was very sorry for it, he arrange that I could ride in young horses. For the work on the fields, my father bought tractors and machinery. The war went past Sweden. One day it was once again peace in Europe. Although we had not noticed that much of the troubled times were father and mother happy and it rubbed off on us.

1949 Education at Blue Star

- When I had completed my lower school certificate my father sent me to an agricultural school where I learned a little about rational animal husbandry large scale, something that interested me very much. My parents did not mind me then worked as an assistant to our veterinary, Ernst Palsson. His district which was very large, covered my home. I followed with him in all weathers and got to know many farmers and allowed to participate in their concern not only in terms of cattle but also the family.

- My father bought a Mercedes 170 S

- In the end suggested my employer that I should study veterinary medicine in two terms and complete a lower assistant exam. It was with concern that my mother accompanied me to Ystad, where I took a train to Stockholm. I would now stand alone for a whole year. My parents had just helped me with a nice room at friends of the family. There I had a home. The two semesters were very interesting, and I got through the exam. With a diploma as "veterinary assistant" in the pocket, I returned proud home.

- Veterinarian Palsson welcomed me with open arms. He assigned me an area in his district. Since the beginning of the 50´s, it had been set in motion with artificial insemination of cows. It belonged to the vet Pålssons tasks to perform that work. We assistants had to do it in our area. My work was facilitated that I already knew many of the farms I would visit. There was at least one thing that was necessary for my profession and it was a car. My father took a deep grip in his pocket and bought a Mercedes 170 S.

Twelve year as a veterinary assistant

- I had already taken a driving license in Stockholm. Now, I drove proud around with my nice car, almost always on gravel roads. Mostly, I have to visit distant homesteads. The farmers called vet Palsson and ordered an assistant. We got our "day schedule" and a thermos of semen from selected bulls. It must maintain a temperature below 5 ° C, otherwise it was useless. These thermos containers were completed each morning, so we must leave immediately.

- My three companions and I must travel between 150 and 200 kilometers each day and almost all the time on gravel roads and across fields. As time goes, I became more and more good friends with my farmers and was greeted for the most part as an old acquaintance. I had to drink coffee, eat dinner or drink tea with pastries. Soon, I knew a lot about the different families, except for work in the barn, I would also patiently listen to what one had to tell. I would give comfort when the kids were sick or lazy at school, or participate in the joy of a second son. All this took time. I did not want to be impolite and leave without listening. But I must at least have my free evenings.

Ewy also owned an MG

- Then I had to step on the gas and drive fast from one farm to the another. After two years I drove so good, that despite all the interruptions in the farms, for the most managed to work in two hours shorter time than my colleagues. I went with father's Mercedes over 220,000 km on Swedish country roads. Then he allowed me to sell it and buy a new one car if I myself paid the difference. I could not afford a Mercedes but my money was enough for a Fiat 1100.

- But now, I used a new system: I drove never a wagon more than 50,000 km. In this way, I never had any repairs, could always sell the old one, a lot favourably and get a new one for the cash that I could scrape together. The cars speed in rapid succession. After Mercedes 170 S came as I mentioned a Fiat 1100, then another Fiat, Saab, again a Saab, Volkswagen, and finally a Volvo 1600, thus a slightly heavier car. I had now started to get pretty good revenues.

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