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Triumph for Ewy in Argentina 1962

Argentina's major production-car race, the "toughest of them all," did not seem tough enough for the two blonde flashes from Sweden, Ewy Rosqvist and Ursula Wirth. Entered as the rookie drivers of the Mercedes-Benz team, they soon found themselves alone-the other four team cars were out long before the halfway mark. But "Rennleiter" Karl Kling had good reason to be confident the 220-SEb could take it and the girls had stamina, discipline, and a very heavy foot, besides their good looks. .

They not only successfully upheld Mercedes-Benz prestige but also achieved a number of unprecedented feats. Winning every leg of the Gran Premio simply "couldn't be done"; they did it and rewrote the record book. Their 220-SEb was undoubtedly the fastest car, but there are few portions of the Gran Premio where speed alone counts; it is a test of driver as well as of machinery.

Many of its sections minimize difference in mechanical power and demand physical endurance and extraordinary driving ability. The girls had all that was needed. Passing 250 cars at night on a wet road; driving at the edge of a precipice on a twisty, treacherous, narrow, and slippery gravel road are what we used to call man-sized jobs and there is much of this in the Gran Premio Standard.

Source: sportscars.tv

Royal tribute

After the victory in Argentina in 1962, the Mercedes-Benz agentur Philipson, arranged a big reception in Stockholm. Among others, the "rally-queen´s" met His Royal Highness Prince Bertil of Sweden.

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