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Brand ambassador

Ewy, Argentina 1966

From Mercedes-Benz & Friends events to Schloss Dyck Classic Days, fans are always delighted to see Baroness Ewy von Korff-Rosqvist whenever she makes appearances as a charming brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Classic. Part of the Stuttgart brand's works team during the 1960s, the female Swedish rally driver is celebrating her 85th birthday (2014). “We extend our wholehearted congratulations to Ewy Rosqvist on her special day,” says Michael Bock, Director Mercedes-Benz Classic and Customer Center. “We greatly appreciate her personable manner – and her utter professionalism at the wheel.”

Baroness von Korff-Rosqvist now lives in Stockholm. She is closely connected with Mercedes-Benz Classic as an ambassador for motor sport and is a popular guest at Mercedes-Benz Classic events.

Source: Text Daimler Media 

Ewy, Sweden 2012

The small city of Köping is an industrial town with proud traditions. The mechanical works, named after the city - Köpings Mekaniska Verkstad (KMV) – were founded in 1856. Already in 1926 they began manufacturing gearboxes for AB Volvo. In an industrial estate, where once the mechanical works that took its name from the city - Köpings Mekaniska Verkstad - were located is today a fascinating automotive and technological Museum.

2012, Ewy visited the museum. The film "Auf heißen Strassen" was shown to 130 people with Ewys comments.

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