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Biography Ewy Baroness von Korff-Rosqvist

Born in 1929 in Ystad in southern Sweden, Ewy Rosqvist was the daughter of a farmer and learned to drive at an early age. Her first car was a Mercedes-Benz 170 S, bought for her by her father.

Working as a veterinary assistant, she gained a great deal of experience driving on long, poorly built roads: “The driving which I had to carry out each day amounted to between 150 and 200 kilometres, almost all on unpaved roads, gravel paths and farm roads,” explained Ewy Rosqvist in her book “Fahrt durch die Hölle” [Driving through Hell] (Munich: Copress-Verlag 1963).

In 1954, Rosqvist experienced her first rally – as a passenger in the Midnight Sun Rally, which her husband and father were competing in. “That was so much fun that I decided to take part in a rally myself, either driving or as a co-driver, as soon as possible,” the female driver recalled. And indeed – two years later, the young woman also found herself behind the wheel on the starting line of the Midnight Sun Rally.

In 1959, Rosqvist won the European Rally Championship Women’s Cup for the first time in a Volvo. Then Daimler-Benz AG subsequently took on the successful female driver in the spring of 1962, as part of the Mercedes-Benz works team.

Source: Daimler AG

First years

- I took part in my first rally with my father-in-law and my husband. I was the "third man" and it was "The Midnight Sun Rally" in 1954. My father-in-law drove very well.

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From 1962, Ewy was the only female racingdriver, to drive for the Mercedes team at that time. The same year, she and together with Ursula Wirth, won the Gran Premio in Argentina and caused a sensation.

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When Ewy married Baron Alexander von Korff in 1965, she end compete. But since then she has been a faithful ambassador for her old employer, Mercedes-Benz.

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