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Mercedes-Benz Akalla, Stockholm. Event.

We are going to show Mercedes-Benz unique film about the race Ewy Rosqvist won in Argentina in 1962. Ewy herself will be in place to comment the film. Welcome!

Mercedes-Benz 170 S 1950

Jan Lundins beautiful touring car. A vehicle that are used all year-round.

Admired rally-driver

Banner with an image from 1962. Ewy with lipstick during the race in Argentina.

MB 220-rarities in the showroom

From left, the black 220 SB 1961, which took Ewy to the event. Monte-Carlo replican of Ewys winning car in 1963 (220 SE 1965), now owned by Gunnar Dackevall. Previously rebuilt and restored for the 2014 Monte-Carlo Historique by Team Bjerkborn.

Film showing for invited guests

Through email and advertisement in the daily press, the public was invited to attend to the event and the movie about Ewys successes in Argentina.

A rarity from the past

Mercedes-Benz 220 Sb 1961, is equipped with drinks cabinet and is owned by Orla Christensen, Rånäs. The car is often used for driving on special occasions.

Replica of the winning car 1963

Originally built in 2008/2009 for historic racing by Bengt Winqvist. Rebuilt in 2013/14 into an identic replica of the car that Ewy Rosqvist drove to an historic win in the 1963 Rally Monte Carlo. The car had “roll out” at the start in Stockholm January the 23:d and placed as the best Swedish team.

Our safety equipment, was only seat belts
and special seats!

The car was perfect!

- Why did you just run the model 220 and the others 300?
- I was the only female driver and didn´t get the same car as the boys! But I won!.
- Sadly, I lost one of my colleagues who drove himself to death. It was horrible. On the second stage came wild horses, he dodged, hit around and broke his neck. After the second stage, I felt that I couldn´t continue. I told the factory, this isn´t possible, but got the answer: "You must continue! You are leading, you must continue!". It was just to step on the gas again and then it went very well.

A further appreciated film show

Roelof Lamberts (CEO Mercedes-Benz Stockholm) thanks Ewy for her interest to attend and answer the audience questions.

On Friday, November 28, Ewy and brother Gert went to Stuttgart to celebrate Mercedes Formula 1 drivers success.
- It is pleasant that it gone so well for the boys (Lewis Hamilton and team mate Nico Rosberg), that they have won the World championship, says Ewy.

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