About me and this website

Ceremony at Nacka Strand, November 2012. Mats Brunberg and Ewy Baroness von Korff-Rosqvist

With the beginning of 2009, I have come to know Ewy. I started recording a series of short films about Ewy and her career. Many of them have not yet left the "clipboard", but will be released in the future via Youtube.

My aim is to attempt to describe Ewys successful career and the years after, when she no longer competed. From Ewys private archives, I have gained access to valuable material, that after review will be posted on this website or if you prefer "fan page". I myself, am a big fan of Ewy and the brand Mercedes-Benz, that was able to produce, so robust and successful cars. Cars that survived the great challenge they faced.

S-JX 190:
A replica of the plate from the winning 220SE, signed by Ewy.

The website is built by an enthusiast and is a non-profit work. If there are any errors or peculiar translation, please please let me know. Contact me in which language you prefer. My mother tongue is Swedish.

I am also interested in more material from Saab and the Volvo years.

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